New beginning

ImageWell, the posting frequency on this blog has been quite low. It seems that I don’t run into the kinds of programming related problems that are interesting and general enough to blog about.

At work I’ve been coding mostly Java (~98% of the time) with a little bit of JavaScript on the side (amount of JS has increased a bit lately with the whole JS MV* framework trend). Recently I’ve become more and more interested in Clojure however.

I’ve been growing increasingly bored of Java even though there’s a lot to learn there as well: things I don’t get to use in the day-to-day work. Rather than specializing in Java and getting to know every nook and cranny of it, I feel it will serve me better to really step ouf the comfort zone and look into different programming paradigms. It will probably be more valuable to learn new ways of thinking about and building software rather than knowing every feature of a single programming language.

Anyway, functional programming is trending and that seems like the first obvious paradigm to dive into after OOP. Since I’ve lived on the JVM thus far and have been passively interested in Lisps, Clojure seems like a good choice.

I’ve been slowly practising Clojure on my free time but haven’t started any real or even toy-projects yet, but I feel I’m getting ready to start working on something substantial soon – lot’s of ideas brewing at the back of my mind.

My plan is to try and blog about the issues I face learning and working with Clojure and how I’ve solved them – and also about any projects I might start to work on.


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